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Quick 5 with Sally Rhys-Jones

Welcome to our Quick 5 series, where we get nosy and ask our talented friends and collaborators what makes them tick and how they got to where they are.

First up is Sally Rhys-Jones, an interior architect based on the Northern Beaches. You may know Sally's work via her popular Instagram profile, or her many published projects. Her brilliant use of the finest quality natural materials and quietly sophisticated palettes is highly sought after- Sally is one busy designer! Sue of ess.creative has been photographing Sally's projects for many years and she always looks forward to capturing the soothing beauty that Sally creates for her clients.

Many thanks to Sally for being our first Quick 5 participant. We can say, hand on heart, Sally is not only an extremely talented designer, but she is also a total champion of a human.

Enjoy our mini-interview.

1. Who or what was your biggest design influence as you were growing up?

My grandmother. We did all kinds of creative things together - a lot of sewing!

I spent a lot of time ripping pages out of her Vogue magazines.

2. What do you love most about the work you do?

Helping people fulfil and execute their vision. Seeing how excited clients are at the end of a build, creating spaces they absolutely love that turn out "better than their Pinterest boards."

3. What is key to creating a soothing, calm, spa-like bathroom sanctuary? (We all want, and NEED, one!)

Soft muted colours, texture rather than too much colour or pattern for interest, and using subtle natural materials for an organic feel - think natural stones & handmade tiles.

4. If you weren't working in the world of interiors, what would you be doing?

Probably a florist or in the travel industry somehow. Having said that, I did start a medical science degree so perhaps I would have been a scientist?

5. Any tips on keeping the work/life balance in check?

I am not great at this. I don't work on weekends or at night anymore when I can help it.

Getting outdoors is my thing - a swim in the ocean does wonders for the mind.

Travel is also a big one for me, especially to less-developed places, as it puts the stress of interior design into perspective. Total first world problems.

Thanks Sally!

Find Sally's work on Instagram and her website

Grey and white bathorom with a concrete basin and moroccan tile on the wall
Photography by ess.creative Styling by Steve Cordony

Photography by ess.creative Styling by Steve Cordony

Photography by ess.creative Styling by Sally Rhys-Jones

Photography by ess.creative

Sally's portrait by Hannah Blackmore.

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